White Label Platform

We offer a white label IoT platform. You get all the features and functionality of our IoT platform with your own corporate branding.

With all the functionality of FreedoM-2-Manage you can view all aspects of your account and your customers’ while controlling what they have access to under your company logo, title and color scheme.

You gain access to our API, giving you the ability to integrate whichever of our services you choose with your existing portal. With activation powers, usage statistics and data and credit limits, you can customize accounts depending on your customers’ requirements. FreedoM-2-Manage makes it easy to take care of your connectivity and your customers, whichever of our SIMs you’re using: single network, multi-network or multi-IMSI SIM cards.

With our white label IoT platform you benefit from:

  • The simplest and most definitive management platform under the branding, color scheme and URL of your company.
  • The ability to provide connectivity as part of your offering, generating recurring revenue and allowing you to ‘own’ the customer end to end.
  • Advanced SIM diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as 24/7 support for all SIMs from M2M/IoT specialists with a deep understanding of the requirements of your application.
  • A centralized and user-friendly interface that gives you a complete insight of your SIM base, and all the tools you need to keep your customers’ connectivity under control.

Complete Control of your base of SIM cards, whatever their network connectivity

Instantly Diagnose SIMs and get specialized troubleshooting advice

Enhanced Customer Care, view your account and theirs in one location

Intuitive Interface that makes managing your SIMs, accounts, and users a matter of minutes

White label our platform and share the benefits with your customers

Take our centralized platform to the next level, with admin privileges, customer account management and all the features of Freedom 2 Manage, all under your company’s branding and URL.