TrakLok International Case Study

TrakLok Advanced Cargo Security & Tracking

Fleet telematics has become a far more complicated sector than it was originally, with fleet managers now spoilt for choice regarding technologies and how to secure these asset tracking devices that can be vulnerable to tampering, interference, or simply external elements.

TrakLok International LLC is a cargo security firm specializing in trailer and container security for the global freight and cargo industry. Deployed in countries throughout the Americas, Africa and Asia, TrakLok’s integrated security tracking device combines a rugged, hardened locking solution with an alert and tracking system to deter theft and unauthorized access to remote and in-transit loads, such as shipping containers and road trailers.

The Application: Rugged Physical Security and M2M Monitoring for Cargo Protection

TrakLok International specializes in security systems for the transportation of high-value, high-risk cargo, such as hazardous materials, electronics and pharmaceuticals. The TrakLok solution provides an integrated system for trailer and container security which far exceeds the ‘after the fact’ tamper evident security provided by a simple padlock or bolt seal.

TrakLok’s toughened lock mechanism can be easily installed in 30 seconds, and combines with in-transit tracking to deter unauthorised access to consignments. The module is also equipped with the unique feature of ‘geo-locking’, giving the user the ability to designate where the shipment can be unlocked based on time and location.

Sensors and in-transit GPS tracking provide alarms and alerts via TrakLok’s online portal, even when the driver is unavailable, to provide real-time information on a range of indicators. Alerts can be setup for invalid code entries, battery life, locked / unlocked status or deviation from a specified geo-fence route. Post trip management reports are also available, enabling improved efficiency and the ability to optimize the transportation system, reduce overall costs, and continually improve security.

The Requirement: High Risk Cargo Tracked, Monitored and Delivered Intact

As TrakLok International VP Engineering Dan Blankenship explains, “Helping our customers track their freight containers and secure their cargo is our number one priority.” The ability to ensure that their customers’ cargo arrives at the intended destination intact is dependent on the reliability of the network connectivity needed for TrakLok to transmit tracking and monitoring data about the whereabouts and status of each consignment.

Many TrakLok customers carry high value or high risk cargo. Blankenship says, “We have customers securing very high risk cargo that require high report rate data plans. High reporting frequency is particularly important when the cargo is hazardous or of very high value.”

Cargo consignments are itinerant and may be transported through remote or dangerous areas, so it is essential that a reliable connection is available wherever TrakLok and its cargo is located, so that continuous status reporting can take place.

To meet these requirements for high frequency reporting with reliable connectivity even in remote areas, PodM2M provides the Best Signal Multi-Network roaming SIM cards, which automatically detect the best cellular signal when the device is switched on, and will automatically switch to an alternate network if the signal is lost. This capability enables the TrakLok portal to receive the monitoring data from the device and broadcast any necessary alarms and alerts via email or text. It can be configured according to user needs so that customers receive the information they need to best protect their freight. Crucially, the PodM2M Multi-Network IoT SIM cards work continuously on multiple networks across continents at competitive and flexible rates according to data use and required geographical coverage. Blankenship says, “PodM2M have been able to provide flexible data rate plans to meet our customer needs.”

Continuous M2M Connectivity Across Continents

For a global tracking and cargo security solution, reliable M2M connectivity is a key factor in ensuring TrakLok devices will connect and transmit data continuously, even across international borders and in remote areas where cellular network signals may be weak. Blankenship comments, “We chose PodM2M SIMs because they provide excellent global coverage. In addition to the USA and Canada, TrakLok has units operating in multiple countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. PodM2M was able to provide competitive multi network coverage on a single SIM card for all these areas. This simplified our inventory of SIMs.”

With the security of in-transit valuable cargo assets or hazardous materials at stake, the highly specialized, round-the-clock M2M support provided by Pod gives tracking telematics businesses the resilience and reassurance they need.