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Protect your network before you wreck your tech

Securing connected devices has been, for some reason, an afterthought in the development of IoT systems to date. Devices are left  with whatever security protocols they have space for, which does not include traditional firewalls, anti-virus or anti-malware protection. And because IoT devices have such tiny processing power and last for so long, the protection they do have is ‘baked-in’, becoming quickly out of date and unable to adapt to new threats.


But fear not: Pod Solutions has created an arsenal of advanced security services, which flag up suspicious traffic on your network and reduce the public access to your devices, for total peace-of-mind.


Pod Protect

Pod Protect allows all healthy network traffic to pass through to your devices, alerting you to anything ‘suspicious’ as it learns which traffic is normal for your device. Because all the work is done via a probe in our network infrastructure, Pod Protect is compatible with even the simplest of IoT devices, and can be fitted into any existing system with no extra effort.

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Pod Connect

Pod Connect is an enhanced connectivity solution designed for security-sensitive applications such as healthcare, banking, or government services. Unlike a VPN, Pod Connect links directly from the Pod network into your data center or a cloud service, without ever touching the internet. This creates a private data channel that is as stable and secure as possible, giving mission-critical applications total peace-of-mind.

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