Multi-IMSI SIM Cards

Our Multi-IMSI SIM technology provides uninterrupted connectivity for the most mission-critical applications.

Each of the IMSIs on our Multi-IMSI SIM operates on a completely separate network infrastructure. If there is an issue on the core or home network, the SIM automatically switches to a better signal and a completely different architecture.

Multi-IMSI connectivity is the best fit for those applications that need multiple redundancies to avoid downtime at all costs, with all the same roaming capabilities as our multi-network technology and comprehensive online control.

You benefit from:

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Multi-IMSI Resilience so your mission-critical application achieves maximum uptime

Centralized management platform for all of your IoT SIM cards, no matter their network

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FEDER logoPodM2M’s Multi-IMSI solution (Freeway) was awarded first place for innovation and a grant from the Invest in Spain programme of the European Development Fund – FEDER.

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