Cellular M2M SIM Cards

We understand that the needs of M2M applications don’t fit into a neat package, which is why Pod’s M2M SIM cards can be configured entirely to your needs, including mini, micro, and nano SIMs with increased resilience against extreme operating conditions, and award-winning network technology.

Our global operator arrangements allow us to offer coverage all around the world, in whatever combination you require. If your device needs a robust connection to just one network, or unrestricted roaming across multiple continents, Pod keeps you covered.

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Single Network Native Solution

Pod has agreements with various operators to provide M2M connectivity to devices that remain in one coverage area.
So if your device does not need to roam, but you still want the benefits of customized, M2M specific data plans, a centralized management platform and competitive local rates suited to M2M devices, look no further than Pod’s Single Network Native Solution.
And if you decide later that you require coverage across multiple networks or countries, just let us know.

Best Signal, Multi-Network SIM Cards

Our best signal, multi-network SIM connects to multiple networks in each country covered, while also avoiding being steered on the HLR to any particular network that might have a weaker signal.
When it loses signal on one network, our SIM automatically connects to the next available network to help eliminate coverage issues whilst roaming or in weak coverage areas.
On top of this, your device will find the strongest signal as soon as it is switched on, so you can be sure your data is in the safest hands possible.

Multi-IMSI SIM Cards

Pod’s unique Multi-IMSI technology maximises resilience while also connecting to the best possible signal.
The SIM provisions multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs) on one SIM, and each IMSI runs across a separate network infrastructure.
Thanks to our Multi-IMSI application on the SIM card, if the core network is unavailable, the SIM swaps IMSI automatically so that data is routed via a completely separate network, minimising signal disruption, and keeping your device connected in the field.

eUICC & Embedded SIM Technology

Pod always positions itself on the cutting edge of innovation.
We are proud to offer SIMs using the GSMA’s eUICC specification released in 2016, so that unrestricted connectivity from Pod can be built into your device from the start, in any form factor you require.
These SIMs can provision new networks Over the Air (OTA) and include several SIM profiles on one card.
When paired with Pod’s Multi-IMSI profile, the full potential of this specification is unleashed, ensuring your device stays connected no matter the network conditions.

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