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Cellular M2M SIM Cards

We understand that the needs of M2M applications don’t fit into a neat package, which is why Pod’s M2M SIM cards can be configured entirely to your needs, including rugged industrial SIMs in every form factor, and award-winning network technology. Our global operator arrangements allow us to offer coverage all around the world, in whatever combination you require. If your device needs a robust connection to just one network, or unrestricted roaming in multiple continents, Pod keeps you covered.


Pod takes care of our customers from SIM card to server, and our dedicated R&D team have tested our platforms to exhaustion to come up with the most innovative and empowering technology possible. Find out more about how our centralized platforms help you take control of your connectivity.


Unbeatable support is the jewel in Pod’s crown, and of all aspects of our solution, we are most proud of our superhuman support team. With 20 hours of account management every day, and free 24/7 emergency support, our team can tackle any problem you might encounter, thanks to their extensive first-hand experience and comprehensive technical knowledge of the world of M2M communications.

Non-Cellular Connectivity

Pod’s agnostic approach to connectivity and our extensive Pod Partner Community enables you to explore all the options available, and ensures that your device is covered by the technology that suits you best. By incorporating LPWAN (non-cellular) technology into our M2M solution we give you access to networks that have been built from the ground up for M2M communications, and help you to decide which technology is best for your application.

For more information about the Pod solution, browse our infographics, case studies, and testimonials pages, or get in touch with a member of our team to talk about the right solution for you.

Young Scot

Young Scot Testimonial

PodM2M’s SIMs for Charities is a great initiative to help us make the most of digital tools to support the young people we work with.

David McNeill
Entitlements & Rewards Director, Young Scot


Wyssen Testimonial

The flexibility of the PodM2M SIM card was paramount. We wanted a single SIM card, interchangeable for each device that makes up our system, This way, management of the SIMs becomes simple and straightforward.

Bejamin MeierEngineer, Wyssen

Coniq logo

Coniq Testimonial

I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the person who had been supporting me on my technical enquiry was actually the Managing Director of the company, which from my experience is not at all common in a company of the size and maturity of PodM2M and is testament to the emphasis placed on customer service right the way through the organization.

Marc Saunders
Head of Delivery, Coniq

Imotion logo

iMotion Software Testimonial

We chose to work with PodM2M because of their very competitive prices and powerful platform which enables us full control of the SIM cards at any time. Just as importantly, we love to work with professional people, and whenever we have asked for support or information of any type we have always received fast and precise answers.

Federico Mosca
CEO, iMotion Software

Traklok International

Traklok Testimonial

We chose PodM2M SIMs because they provide excellent global coverage. In addition to the USA and Canada, TrakLok has units operating in multiple countries in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. PodM2M was able to provide competitive multi network coverage on a single SIM card for all these areas.

Dan Blankenship
VP Engineering, Traklok

Local Motion

Local Motion Testimonial

We have been really impressed with the functionality provided via the PodM2M F2M platform – it’s really easy to use and makes it so simple to manage our SIM base.

Michaël Javault
Head of Hardware, Local Motion

Arnia Testimonial

We have been using PodM2M SIMs since 2011. We find this competitively priced multi network SIM invaluable in both the EU and USA. The Best Signal SIMs provide controllable costs and reliable connectivity.

Pete Sogorski
Operations Manager, Arnia

Gartner Denver

Gardner Denver Testimonial

I have been especially impressed with the performance of the best signal, multi-network SIMs which have given us the best results of any SIM we have tried with our application.

Mike Bray
Gardner Denver


Trackit 247 Testimonial

Just wanted to say that all you guys at PodM2M are excellent at all times…and the support is great! Thanks

Sanjay Mistry
CEO, Trackit 247

Inex USA logo

Inex USA Testimonial

This is the best SIM service in the World! They test the software daily, it works great.

Damian Czajka
Project Manager, Inex USA

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