Meet David Hambling

Feb 6, 2017

David HamblingHis voice may be familiar to you already, an anchor in customer relations, David Hambling, Pod Group’s Business Development Director in Europe is very much more than a voice at the other end of the line.

Since joining Pod Group in 2014, David has put his own stamp on the direction business is taking and has demonstrated not only enormous empathy with our customer base but an acute sense of perspective in an ever-evolving market. Coming to us from a telecoms company run under a different philosophy, he felt limited by being merely a cog in the machine. Passionate about progress but not at the expense of reliability, he has assumed the mantle of his role with aplomb.

His priority is to ensure that each client is provided with a service that suits their specific need and he excels in grasping the concepts of a huge range of applications across a variety of sectors. A dynamic and quick thinker, his forte is assembling a solution that is individually tailored while giving the best possible value.

His interest in tailoring is not limited to his work. David is famed in the office for his dress sense and he could be accused of being an operative of the style police. He may hail from the leafy countryside of central England but David thrives on the buzz of city life too. He does however miss the rolling fields and does get back to the village whenever he can to spend time with his Jack Russell, Philippa.

His interest in travel is complicated by the fact that he isn’t very happy in an airplane, anyone sitting in his immediate vicinity may be alarmed by the eagerness with which he clutches the safety card and his readiness to adopt the brace position at the slightest irregularity of motion. Thankfully there is a simple, failsafe answer to his predicament. Administering a good dose of gin and tonic will swiftly settle his nerves and restore calm to the adjacent seating rows.

David Hambling will be representing Pod Group at a variety of events over the next few months, ready to help you find the ideal solution to your connectivity dilemma. He is also regularly on tour across Europe, meeting with customers. Click on the link below if you would like to arrange a meeting. David’s not one to forget old friends and is always ready to hear from people who haven’t been in touch for a while too.

Should you not be able to get to see him in person, you can still benefit from his wisdom by contacting him.

This button should open your email client, if you do not have an email client configured, you can still reach David at this address: