Klevio Case Study

Your Phone Can Now Open Doors

It’s a familiar routine as you leave the house each day: phone, wallet, keys. Smart payment options mean that many of us have begun to leave our wallets at home. However, most of us are still lugging around bulky sets of keys. Keys are heavy, ugly, and can easily be lost or stolen. Not to mention the security risk of there being additional copies you are unaware of, particularly if you live in rented accommodation.

Needing to let someone into your home when you’re not there can be a real headache. Imagine you have friends coming to stay or you’re expecting a delivery.

Klevio envisions a safer, more convenient future. One where you can control who has access to your home from wherever you are, with just your phone. With Klevio you can unlock doors and share digital keys from anywhere.

The Application: Your phone and app working together to unlock doors

Klevio is a WiFi / 4G enabled smart intercom and smartphone app that enables you to open doors using your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

It allows you to leave your old keys at home, lightening your load and giving you one less thing to think about when you step out the door. You can also let people in remotely when you’re out, meaning no more waiting at home for deliveries or tradespeople or leaving friends stranded outside if you’re delayed getting home.

You can let others in remotely or you can share digital keys so people can open your doors using their own phone. There’s no need to make a special trip to get spare keys cut. You can also revoke this access instantly, giving you total peace of mind.

Klevio is ideal for people using their home as a short-term vacation rental. You can grant access to multiple properties in different locations without needing to be there in person, or set time-limited keys that will only work for the duration that you specify, and are deleted automatically once that period has expired.

Sharing digital keys is much easier than sharing physical keys. There’s no need to get copies cut and you don’t have to worry about people losing your spare sets or making additional copies. You can also keep tabs on people you’ve shared keys with via a time-coded activity log, showing exactly who’s been entering your home and when.

The Requirement: Reliable IoT connectivity for complete peace of mind

While the Klevio One primarily connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, this can often prove unreliable. The last thing you want is to be stranded outside in the cold late at night thanks to a poor Wi-Fi connection. If your Wi-Fi goes down good luck getting hold of your broadband provider at 1 am.

It’s essential that users have immediate access at all times. The entire user experience depends upon a reliable internet signal.

Additionally, in many cases – for example in residential buildings – there aren’t any options to connect to wireless networks unless you’re a resident.

Klevio needed consistent, reliable data connectivity that they could count on to work seamlessly. Data connectivity provides peace of mind for both the user and for Klevio.

The Solution: Best signal IoT SIM cards for the most reliable connection

Klevio needed infallible connectivity for the Klevio One device. They chose Pod Group’s SIM cards because Pod offers agnostic, multi-network connectivity you can rely on.

Klevio uses Pod’s M2M SIM cards in the Klevio One device to enable it to successfully communicate with the Klevio app. Pod Group’s SIM cards enable users to unlock doors directly from their phones, from anywhere in the world.

With reliable connectivity provided by Pod Group’s SIMs you’ll always be able to unlock your door, even if there are problems with the Wi-Fi. Also, guests won’t get locked out of your Airbnb because the residents don’t want you on their network.

After testing numerous providers they chose Pod Group because Pod’s SIMs provide the most robust, reliable connection, even in areas with connectivity issues. It’s key that Klevio’s users never lose connectivity, and with Pod’s agreements with over 600 networks in 185+ countries, Klevio users can connect from Bangkok to Timbuktu.

Klevio praised Pod Group’s reliability and reasonable pricing, ‘We chose on both price and performance: We parallel tested a lot of providers, and the SIMs from Pod Group provided the best connection and fastest ping in low-reception environments.’

As a specialist in remote and roaming connectivity, Pod can make sure that Klevio’s customers are never stuck outside. Klevio’s users can unlock their door for a friend while on the train home. Even if you’re scrambling up a mountain in Central Asia and need to let your neighbor in to feed your cat in London, Klevio’s device powered by Pod’s resilient connectivity will keep your keys in the right hands.