Energy and the Environment

The energy sector is vast and includes a huge variety of devices that need to be monitored, from oil rigs to offshore wind farms and solar energy systems, and each has different data, power consumption, and location requirements to ensure maximum productivity.

PodM2M specialize in remote and mission-critical connectivity required by the majority of the energy sector, and offer flexible, fixed rate data packages on over 600 networks worldwide.

Our Multi-Network solution provides the best possible signal upon start-up, even in patchy coverage zones, but the addition of our Multi-IMSI applet allows automatic selection of the next available network in case of network outage for the best possible resilience as well.

Not only can your connection be maintained by switching to a separate network infrastructure, but Pod can update SIM profiles over the air (OTA), without having to access or replace devices, and with the same APN for all SIMs for the most comprehensive access possible.

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Multi-Network Coverage

Multi-Network coverage – Multiple backup networks to ensure consistent connectivity

Future Proof

Future Proof – Combining our FreedoM-2-Manage platform and Multi-IMSI solution enables you to update your package OTA without removing devices from the field


Resilience – Our Multi-Network and Multi-IMSI SIM cards give you the best signal in remote areas, and intelligent network selection in case of network outage for ultimate reliability

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If your energy or environment application roams locally, is fixed in a remote location, or requires a mixture of connectivity options in one centralized platform, get in touch to find out how our connectivity can solve your remote connectivity problems.

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