Emergency Services

Tracking and monitoring applications for emergency services have the highest need for mission-critical reliability of any IoT application, and with PodM2M’s Multi-IMSI technology offering multiple backup networks on the same SIM, and intelligent network switching in case of network issues, emergency telematics solutions are in safe hands.

The ability to connect to the best possible signal on start-up and provision a custom range of more than 600 networks over the air (OTA) without ever removing the device from the field, are just two of the features suited to high-stakes IoT emergency service applications, offering unrestricted connectivity across network borders and a No Single Point of Failure network topology.

This OTA functionality also allows devices to remain future-proofed in face of rapid innovation, a crucial factor for emergency telematics devices that must stay connected to the best technology available, without having to pay an arm and a leg for all-inclusive packages.

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Mission Critical

Mission Critical – Multiple backup networks to ensure consistent connectivity

Multi-Network coverage – Best signal on device start-up, even in remote areas

Future proof

Future proofing – OTA provisioning to access the latest tech and pricing

Case Study

Read our MyFamily Mobile Study to discover how our solutions benefit the Emergency Services Industry.

MyFamily Mobile offers a range of voice & data messaging, smart locator and mobile personal emergency response services to families across the globe.

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