Our comprehensive FreedoM-2-Manage platform gives you all the information and tools you require to remotely control all aspects of your account.

Set data and credit limits for all of your SIMs, activate, perform SIM diagnostics and receive precise troubleshooting advice, and get access to a range of fully customizable analytics modules with all data you could need, from top data users of the past 24 hours to a full connection record.
FreedoM-2-Manage hands you the control over any combination of Pod SIMs, so that your application can be managed from one central location whatever its size or requirements.

You benefit from:

  • The simplest and most definitive management platform as standard with all Pod IoT SIM cards.
  • Insight into every aspect of your account and the ability to remotely change SIM status accordingly (eg. one user with extremely high overuse).
  • Advanced SIM diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as 24/7 support for all SIMs from M2M/IoT specialists with a deep understanding of the requirements of your application.
  • A centralized and user-friendly interface that gives you the perfect overview of your SIM base and all the tools you need to keep your connectivity under control.

Complete Control of your base of SIM cards, whatever their network connectivity

Instantly Diagnose SIMs and get specialized troubleshooting advice

Advanced Analytics tab fully customizable to your parameters

Intuitive, Easy to Use Interface that enables you to manage your SIMs, accounts, and users in a matter of minutes

Give yourself the freedom to manage your connectivity

Start a SIM trial or a free platform demo today and find out how our comprehensive management platform can consolidate all your SIM operations.