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Senior Node.js Developer

Location: Seville, Spain


Are you passionate and enthusiastic about solving complex software problems on a large scale? Do you value agile methodologies? Do you want to build systems and services using the latest technologies? In other words, do you want to unleash your potential without being micromanaged?

In Pod Group, our WEIRD attributes (Wisdom, Emotional intelligence, Initiative, Responsibility and Development) put responsibility in the hands of employee. We believe thata transparent environment where employees can make their own decisions (about their work, finances, salaries, and their company), is the key to feel happy at work. Motivation and results are the natural outcome.

What do we do? We have applications and platforms to service more than 300 clients through a web interface and API. Currently, our database weighs 500GB, supports a concurrency of 1000 requests per minute (200ms of response) and consists of a cluster. We use Node.js + MongoDB technologies in the backend and Angular in the frontend. Our entire infrastructure is hosted by cloud providers (VPS and bare-metal), AWS and Azure with Linux servers (Ubuntu Server / Debian).

Job Requirements

  • Studies: A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is preferable
  • Proven professional experience in the development of Web applications using Javascript, Node.js and MongoDB
  • Experience in Javascript (ES7)
  • Using frameworks like Express or Restify for Node.js
  • Development of web applications using MongoDB as database
  • Experience in developing APIs REST
  • Knowledge of Mocha, Chai and Jasmine
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Knowledge of Angular is a plus
  • Development of web applications using Redis as database is a plus
  • Willingness to learn, including new functional languages such as F#

Salary: 28.000€ – 36.000€ p/a Benefits: Health insurance, flexi-time and remote-working option.