MyFamily Mobile Case Study


Wearable devices are one of the most exciting areas of IoT technology bursting onto the scene today, offering one of the most accessible ways into the world of the IoT. From smart watches that monitor altitude and air pressure, to glasses that link directly to Snapchat, wearable technology is introducing IoT applications into the public consciousness like never before.
Wearables are being used to connect all aspects of our personal lives, and not just in novel or frivolous ways. Devices to monitor elderly relatives with alzheimer’s, for example, are becoming increasingly popular, informing family members if they wander off-grid. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, MyFamily Mobile specialize in remote monitoring solutions to keep track of your loved ones, offering an end to end service including wearable trackers, ‘edutainment’ devices and an emergency response system.

The Application: Wearable Smart Devices to Keep the Entire Family Within Reach

MyFamily Mobile offers a range of voice & data messaging, smart locator and mobile personal emergency response services for families, controlled using any internet enabled device. The services are designed to permit each family member to monitor or alert each other whenever danger is lurking around. The safety of the younger more vulnerable members of the family is of the greatest concern to MyFamily Mobile, which is why all their devices are durable and simple to operate. These small, wearable, connected devices provide an affordable way to give kids the freedom to be kids whilst ensuring the caregiver can stay close with precision tracking and voice and data messaging.
MyFamily Mobile devices use a blend of GPS, GSM, RFID and WiFi to provide the most accurate location information, indoors and out. As well as being able to identify the exact location of your family member, it is also possible to identify how fast the device is moving (e.g. in a speeding vehicle), to trigger an alarm if it leaves pre-defined safe zones, and to send alerts in case of emergency. Devices are equipped with a panic button that triggers an automatic location beacon and, if necessary, an armed rapid response squad to help recover loved ones that are in danger.

The Problem: Reliable connectivity essential to cross-border expansion

For MyFamily Mobile, the highest priority is the safety and protection of their customers’ young family members in a dangerous world. With “mission critical” smart messaging and tracking, when a child’s safety is at stake, reliable connectivity is crucial. This is why MyFamily Mobile selected PodM2M’s multi network SIM cards. These SIMs can connect to several networks in each country and will automatically swap networks if the signal is lost. This is essential for the type of situations in which MyFamily Mobile tracking devices are deployed, as the wearable device is much less likely to lose coverage as it roams, even in rural areas.

MyFamily Mobile plans to extend its services to the SADC region, with entrance into South Africa, Botswana and Malawi. Seyi Opanubi Co-Founder and Director of Operations and R&D said, “Pod’s Best Signal Multi Network SIM cards are in all the MyFamily Mobile devices our subscribers use. The SIM cards are embedded in the devices so not seen by our subscribers but form the backbone upon which MyFamily Mobile has built a reliable service for our mission critical applications, from smart messaging, safe zone, breadcrumb and speed alerts to SOS response and global roaming.”

The Solution: Reliable multi-network connectivity and expert technical support for “mission critical” performance

The reliability of PodM2M multi network SIMS, combined with the technical support and expert advice offered to Pod customers has enabled MyFamily Mobile to pursue new markets with confidence that their mission critical application will perform well. MyFamily Mobile are developing their devices on a new server platform for use in the US and Europe. With Pod’s flat data rates across the US and Europe and the support of a team of IoT and M2M experts, Opanubi says, “PodM2M’s technical support is key to MyFamily Mobile and Pod has never let us down in this area. Our subscribers have never experienced a down time even when travelling abroad. We are very happy with the quick and proactive response to queries and issues and with our mission critical operations we find the 24 hour emergency support invaluable.”

There is a huge potential marketplace of parents throughout Europe, the US and the rest of the world seeking the reassurance of knowing exactly where their children are and that they are safe, even when out of sight.

Pod’s provision of reliable multi network mobile connectivity helps to ensure MyFamily Mobile can continue to provide their invaluable child protection service to families around the world.