Pod: The M2M Solution to your Connectivity Problems

Abr 13, 2017

As a leading player in the M2M communications sector for over 15 years, here at Pod Group we understand the challenges faced by applications developers at every stage of production and marketing. Our team of experts in the field have first hand experience dealing with complex issues such as signal loss, international network structures, and SIM management, so our robust M2M solution has been specifically designed to combat these and other obstacles.

Multi-IMSI SIMs for the Best Possible Signal

Best Possible Signal - Globally

Best Possible Signal – Globally

Most M2M connectivity providers that offer global roaming rely on one core network operator, with specific agreements to use different networks when roaming away from home. This means that your SIM only has one International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) programmed onto it, and uses specific networks on the same infrastructure. Because of this, providers may also ‘steer’ your connection to make sure that your SIM card uses their network, or partner network, so you don’t always get the best signal possible for your M2M application. Our unique patent-pending M2M solution allows you to switch between multiple International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSIs) on the SIM, each of which runs across a separate network infrastructure. This allows you to be completely free of ‘steering’ to one network so you can access the best signal available wherever you are, without worrying about roaming charges.

No Single Point of Failure IoT Connectivity

Freeway - No Single Point of Failure Our M2M solution also avoids the issue of signal loss by automatically switching to multiple different networks, whereas other providers operate on one infrastructure creating a bottleneck for signal disruption. If the core network is unavailable, the SIM swaps IMSIs automatically so that data is routed via a completely separate network, avoiding any disruption to the connectivity. IMSIs can also be swapped or added Over The Air (OTA) if required, so that your device can stay in the field without worrying about the expense of accessing a remote application or losing revenue due to network failure.

FreedoM-2-Manage M2M Platform

F2M platformThese are just some of the cost and time saving features of our M2M SIM cards, enabling your SIMs to connect seamlessly to the best possible signal with minimal downtime, but the crowning aspect of our M2M solution is the FreedoM-2-Manage (F2M) platform. The F2M platform enables you to control your complete M2M SIM card base from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the ability to view the status, location and usage of any one of your SIMs in real-time, and suspend, activate or ‘pre-activate’ SIMs to test them without commitment, this platform is a comprehensive tool to help manage your M2M applications, leaving you free to scale your business from a solid connectivity foundation.