Flex-GPS Case Study

Introduction: Worldwide Tracking, Monitoring and Fleet Management

One of the most remarkable effects of the technological revolution to date is the ease with which we can now communicate with each other, and other things, from all over the world. In addition to person-to-person communication, the internet also allows us to literally keep our eyes on the ends of the world, 24 hours a day, thanks to a surge of innovation in machine to machine (M2M) and GPS technology. Flex-GPS is part of this innovation surge and provides a complete, end-to-end GPS tracking solution for fleet managers, from GPS devices to comprehensive control and monitoring software.

The Application: Remote, on the move, online control

Flex-GPS are taking GPS technology to the next level, integrating with emerging technologies to create a new generation of devices and applications designed to increase productivity, minimize the risk of accidents, improve safety and provide its customers with the necessary tools to increase the efficiency of their processes.

Flex-GPS specializes in developing business solutions and products using satellite tracking technology based on Gurtam’s robust platform. The platform gives real time insight into the entire fleet with detailed monitoring of fuel consumption and driver behavior, and alerts for excessive speed and acceleration, when the engine has been idling for a long time, and if there is a danger of fuel being stolen.

Flex-GPS performs an exhaustive battery of tests to certify their devices, and paired with live monitoring of driver behavior on their platform, their technology helps minimize accidents. The Flex-GPS platform also enables the customer to create customized reports, offers route optimization to reduce fuel use and avoid traffic hazards, and a ‘panic button’ to summon emergency services immediately.

The Flex-GPS platform is made up of a series of technologies integrated in one system, which enables Flex-GPS to offer intensive analysis and monitoring including IFTA fuel tax reporting, a full range of sensor and connection technologies, and a robust multi-network connectivity service.

The Problem: Dealing with multiple suppliers stunted growth

At the beginning of 2014 Flex-GPS decided to expand its operations into several South American countries. However, due to the problems of negotiating with several suppliers simultaneously, the lack of knowledge suppliers had regarding connectivity and its pitfalls, and a high service price, this connectivity quandary became an ‘achilles heel’ for the project, and limited development to only a few cities and countries.

It was not until PodM2M was considered that Flex-GPS’ expansion plans took a new direction. PodM2M not only offered Flex-GPS an IoT SIM card that was a perfect fit for their plans, they also provided a robust multi-network service and a team with extensive first hand experience of M2M companies. The reaction of Flex-GPS’ customers was so positive that Flex-GPS immediately replaced their existing SIMs for PodM2M’s multi-network SIMs.

The Solution: ‘More Than A Simple Customer-Supplier Relationship’

With PodM2M on board, Flex-GPS had all the tools available to focus on expansion. Diomedes E Quezada, CEO of Flex-GPS, said: ‘When we started to test the PodM2M service we begin to realize the fundamental role that it would play in our plans, both in the short and long term. The dedication, effort and commitment of Pod Group CEO Sam Colley was an important factor in our decision to select PodM2M. Over time this has become more than a simple customer-supplier relationship, it has developed into a strategic partnership.’

PodM2M focuses on providing a customized service to each client, and this flexible, innovative approach helped build a service which exceeded Flex-GPS’ criteria. Diomedes Quezada added that PodM2M’s solution allowed them ‘to aggressively enter the market with unbeatable pricing. The multi-network SIMs have caused demand for our service to skyrocket, PodM2M has placed us in a privileged position compared to our competitors.’

The meticulous support and personalized attention provided by PodM2M means that Flex-GPS can rely on assistance from PodM2M as their business expands: ‘we hope that [PodM2M’s] support will continue to strengthen our business relationship, and position Flex-GPS as one of the best known brands in the GPS service market.’

Pod´s team of M2M experts can advise on every aspect of your M2M solution, helping you expand your business, and evolve to keep pace in the ever advancing IoT arena.