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Trends in Tech. What to watch and why

With the new year well on its way, looking ahead to the future of consumer technology can help us predict how our lives will change in 2018 and beyond. Indicators signal growth in a number of areas from wearables to augmented reality to smart cars,...

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Pod’s Top Picks from CES 2018

Each year at CES the tech world is introduced to a whole host of gadgets large and small, critical and kitsch, flashy and functional, and nerds everywhere start writing their letters to Santa. When we haven’t been meeting with partners and exciting new...

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Changing Business Models: Closer, Better, Faster, Stronger

At the end of 2017, there are very few aspects of our daily lives that have not become instant - instant meals (that actually taste nice), instant TV, instant transport, and even instant(ish) delivery of online shopping. Even fewer of us have stopped to ask where this...

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