The highest quality support is essential to keep the IoT running.

Our support team is made up of experts in M2M communications, including accomplished network engineers and those in director level positions.
With unparalleled technical experience and an in-house development team, we can solve your problems from top to bottom without taking up your valuable time.

You benefit from:

  • A specialist support team with first hand experience of M2M companies, speaking a total of nine languages.
  • In-house development team and systems engineers, ensuring even the most technical problems are solved quickly.
  • Continuous account management 20 hours a day and 24/7 emergency support.
  • Speaking directly to an expert who can solve your problem or immediately pass it on to be solved – no middlemen, no bureaucracy.

Expert Support from the highest level of the company

Instant Advice and practical solutions relevant to your application

Continuous Account Management to alleviate any of your concerns

International Team who speak nine languages and can appreciate global factors

Alemetic Systems Testimonial

Compared to all the other IoT M2M providers their technology and the power to manage our own SIMs is excellent.

Luke Kerich, Technical Director at Alemetic Systems

Klevio logo

Klevio Testimonial

We chose on both price and performance. We parallel tested a lot of providers, and the SIMs from Pod Group provided the best connection and fastest ping in low-reception environments.

Mark Curling, COO and co-founder of Klevio

Kali Care logo

Kali Care Testimonial

Working with Pod has made it easy for us deploy our systems globally as we continue to lead remote monitoring in clinical trials. They have even been able to accommodate our needs in several remote locations where it was difficult to arrange for cellular data. Their guidance and support has always been top-notch.

Navid Afsarifard, Cofounder, Kali Care

Tripaga Testimonial

The service and support is terrific!

Donny McCoy
President Tripaga Inc.

Young Scot Testimonial

PodM2M’s SIMs for Charities is a great initiative to help us make the most of digital tools to support the young people we work with.

David McNeill
Entitlements & Rewards Director, Young Scot

Coniq Testimonial

I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered that the person who had been supporting me on my technical enquiry was actually the Managing Director of the company, which from my experience is not at all common in a company of the size and maturity of PodM2M and is testament to the emphasis placed on customer service right the way through the organisation.

Marc Saunders
Head of Delivery, Coniq

iMotion Software Testimonial

We chose to work with PodM2M because of their very competitive prices and powerful platform which enables us full control of the SIM cards at any time. Just as importantly, we love to work with professional people, and whenever we have asked for support or information of any type we have always received fast and precise answers.

Federico Mosca
CEO, iMotion Software

Local Motion Testimonial

We have been really impressed with the functionality provided via the PodM2M F2M platform – it’s really easy to use and makes it so simple to manage our SIM base.

Michaël Javault
Head of Hardware, Local Motion

Arnia Testimonial

We have been using PodM2M SIMs since 2011. We find this competitively priced multi network SIM invaluable in both the EU and USA. The Best Signal SIMs provide controllable costs and reliable connectivity.

Pete Sogorski
Operations Manager, Arnia

Gardner Denver Testimonial

I have been especially impressed with the performance of the best signal, multi-network SIMs which have given us the best results of any SIM we have tried with our application.

Mike Bray
Gardner Denver

So, what’s next?

We are committed to providing accurate, helpful information without hard selling you anything or spamming you afterwards. We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.