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Choosing an M2M Service Provider

How can a prospective M2M business differentiate one service provider from another? Which M2M Service Providers give the best all-round value when it comes to reliable connectivity, service and pricing? Does the Service Provider understand diversity in M2M devices? Is flexible SIM and data pricing on offer?

How reliable and resilient is the connectivity? How much control will you have over your SIMs? How good is the technical support and advice, particularly after-sales support?

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How to cut away the IoT hype

The potential of the IoT is clear, with around 5.5 million devices being connected every day according to Gartner Research. But with the current and growing media buzz surrounding IoT, it can be difficult for companies wanting to take advantage of these technologies to separate hype from real revenue opportunities.

With burgeoning device chatter and uncertainty around market value and size, the question professional developers need to ask is: “What and where are the revenue opportunities?”

This White Paper will be available shortly.


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