At Pod we take care of our customers from SIM card to server.

Our dedicated R&D team have worked to exhaustion to help you generate real value from your connected application, and put you in complete control of your connectivity.

Pod Billing Platform

Pod Billing

There’s no such thing as recurring revenue if you can’t bill it.
Our hierarchical billing platform, Pod Billing, lets businesses of all sizes build recurring revenue on top of their products. Manage your connectivity, create new recurring services, and bill your customers, all in one place.


Control every aspect of your SIM estate in one centralised location, 24/7.
Activate, deactivate, or factory test your SIMs, assign usage and credit limits for individual SIMs, and gain a comprehensive insight into your account.
Access the full range of features with any of our IoT SIM cards, or get a demo to explore FreedoM-2-Manage for yourself.

White Label Platform

Our platforms are also available as a White Label solution, branded with your corporate identity so your hard-won customer loyalty is not lost.
Pod Billing lets you white label each tier of the hierarchy, so you and your resellers can retain brand recognition, and integrate your existing platforms seamlessly with our open API. White labelling our platforms allows you to include connectivity as part of your product, giving you longer lasting customers and a stable base to launch recurring connected services.

F2M Alerts

Access your account whenever and wherever you need to with the F2M Alerts mobile app.
Get real-time push notifications sent directly to your mobile, manage your SIM base, and configure data limits and alerts, all from the palm of your hand. The app is available for Android and iOS devices via the download links in the footer.

Connect, Manage, Bill.

Pod Billing gives you everything you need to launch and profit from recurring services. Book a demo today.