Non-Cellular Connectivity

Pod’s agnostic approach to connectivity enables you to explore all the options available, so we can provide the connectivity that best suits your application.


By incorporating LPWAN (non-cellular) technology into our M2M solution we give you access to networks that have been built from the ground up for M2M communications, and help you to decide which technology is best for your application.
Whichever technology your devices use, Multi-IMSI SIMs, RMPA from Ingenu or multiple connectivity types, our FreedoM-2-Manage platform offers you a complete insight into all your devices, so future-proofing your connectivity is as easy as picking up the phone.

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) operate on lower frequencies than cellular, which means the data packets are smaller, they can travel further, and the devices that use this technology can last for years or decades on an AA battery.
85 of these networks were founded in 2016, and it is fair to say that the LPWAN renaissance is well under way.
LPWANs are set to change the world of M2M connectivity drastically, especially for industrial or large scale applications that require only very small amounts of data and up to 20 years of battery life.
Pod is glad to be able to offer this extraordinary technology as part of our solution and help your application join the coming technological revolution.

You benefit from:

  • Lower power usage, higher range, and increased signal penetration to fully optimise your large scale application.
  • More connections per access point, lower cost per connection, and therefore an exponential increase in efficiency.
  • Our FreedoM-2-Manage platform, offering you a complete insight into all your devices whether they use LPWAN, cellular or a mixture of technologies.
  • Pod’s agnostic approach to connectivity, meaning we constantly strive to adopt the best in non-cellular technology, no matter the provider.
  • Become a first mover into this rapidly emerging technology, and properly position yourself in the coming IoT revolution.

Lower Power Consumption to keep your devices in the field for up to 20 years

Exponentially Increased Range for even the largest, most remote applications

Adaptable Technology that can develop to suit your application

Agnostic Provider so you know you are getting the best option for your application

Talk to us today to see if LPWAN is right for you

Low-Power Wide-Area technology has been built from the ground up for M2M communications, but we remain impartial so that you know you will always get the best solution and the best technology for your application. Talk to our team and see what non-cellular connectivity can do for you.