PodM2M has been serving the transport sector for close to twenty years, and over this period we have refined our tracking and monitoring capabilities to give fleet telematics operators the robust connectivity they need.

Our Multi-IMSI applet not only gives our SIMs the power to intelligently select the best possible signal and switch networks in case of an outage, even in remote or inaccessible areas, but allows you to provision new networks over the air (OTA) without physically accessing the device.

This technology is a perfect fit for the transport sector, offering a resilient connection to your choice of networks in over 185 countries, the ability to add new networks while devices are still in the field, and future-proofed connectivity that is open to new innovation, keeping you connected for less and for longer.

Fleet managers also benefit from a flat pricing structure that is fixed for your chosen range of network coverage, so you can forget worrying about drivers going off course or paying outrageous roaming charges – your devices will simply stay connected without any nasty surprises.

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Future Proof

Future Proofed – OTA provisioning and remote management of network profiles


Resilience – Best possible signal on start-up and intelligent network switching

Flat Data Rates

Flat Data Rates – Fixed price structure for your chosen coverage areas.

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