GPS tracking devices are central to the IoT, and a Multi-Network IoT SIM card that allows the device to connect across network borders enables these applications to provide a seamless international service.

Tracking devices can be found in virtually every sub-sector, including pet trackers, personal asset trackers, geofencing, and fleet management. Despite the range of potential use cases, all IoT tracking devices require vast and unrestricted coverage with maximum uptime.

PodM2M’s SIM cards have access to over 600 networks in 185 countries and the ability to intelligently switch between them, so your tracking device will stay connected even in patchy coverage areas, and with a fixed price structure for your choice of networks, tracking telematics has met its match.

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Mission Critical

Mission Critical – Multiple backup networks to ensure consistent connectivity

Multi-Network Coverage

Multi-Network coverage – Best signal on device start-up, even in remote areas

Global Connectivity

Global Connectivity – Customized coverage plans at a flat rate across continents

Case Study

Read our Anytrek Case Study to discover how our solutions benefit the Transport Industry.

Anytrek specialise in covert GPS tracking solutions for fleet managers who want to avoid trailer tampering and roam unrestricted across borders on a flat rate.

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Transport Industry Case Study - Truck image

With twenty years of GPS tracking experience, Pod can provide the service you need

Tracking applications need a robust signal, an unbroken coverage when roaming between countries and networks, and a flexible price plan that recognises the global nature of this industry. Get in touch today to try out Pod’s ideal tracking connectivity today

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