The retail environment has a huge number of IoT use cases, such as footfall sensors, predictive stock ordering and supply chain optimisation. PodM2M understand the different requirements of retail IoT applications after close to twenty years in the IoT sector, and we know that scalability is about growing with your customers, offering flexible data plans and a flat data rate across continents.

Our Multi-Network and Multi-IMSI IoT SIM cards offer increased resilience against network outages, offering greater support for vital point of sale devices and a stable base to expand into your choice of the 185+ countries we cover.

Our IoT SIM cards use a private APN, ensuring the protection of your data against possible hacking, and we also offer a range of optional services to increase the security of your application, including fixed IPs and VPNs.

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Security – Our private APN, fixed IP, and VPN options secure your device against hacks

Scalable Coverage

Scaleable coverage – Expand your application with the same flat data rate and no roaming fee

Resilience – Pod’s Multi-IMSI SIMs give added resilience in case of network outage, with multiple independent backup networks

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If your retail application is fixed, requires multiple streams of data at once, or has a mixture of different connectivity requirements, get in touch to find out how our connectivity can provide optimisations across the retail environment.

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