The Industrial Internet of Things is big news right now, and the optimisations that digitisation will bring to operations, the supply chain, and the manufacturing stage will change this sector forever.

With PodM2M’s rugged IoT SIM cards available in any form factor, and our fully redundant Multi-IMSI applet that perfectly complements the new eUICC specification (with over-the-air network provisioning and network failover), we help IoT manufacturing enterprises remain competitive in an increasingly complex sector.

PodM2M’s agnostic approach to connectivity means that we remain open and flexible in the face of radical new technologies – allowing you to keep your flexible data plan without losing out on innovative new developments. This way of doing business allows us to future-proof your devices, allowing you to adapt with the times and stay competitive alongside the experts in global IoT connectivity.

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Speciality SIMs

Speciality SIMs – Our rugged IoT SIM cards stay connected in extreme manufacturing conditions

Future Proof

Future proof – Future-proof connectivity with an agnostic approach to technology and OTA provisioning

No Single Point of Failure

No Single Point of Failure – Pod’s Multi-IMSI SIMs give added resilience in case of network outage with multiple independent backup networks

Find out how Pod’s future-proofed connectivity can keep you ahead

Industrial IoT applications are getting a lot of press lately, and Pod can provide the mission-critical connectivity and a future-proofed Multi-IMSI solution to push your business into the future.

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