IoT healthcare devices are amongst the most mission-critical applications in the Internet of Things. That is why Pod’s Multi-IMSI technology connects to the best possible signal on start-up and then intelligently switches to a separate network infrastructure if it loses signal to avoid connectivity issues or network outages.

This also means that devices travelling through multiple coverage zones stay connected, as our SIMs have access to over 600 networks around the world and give you the ability to add new providers over the air (OTA), without accessing the device or losing connectivity.

Healthcare devices can also vary greatly in terms of data usage, so our flexible data plans are designed to give you the data you need on a per-SIM basis whether you are connecting pacemakers or ambulance dashcams, with a pricing structure to match your needs.

A rise in innovative IoT technologies means that medical IoT enterprises need to future-proof their devices and remain open to new developments. Our OTA provisioning allows you to stay flexible and adopt new technologies as they emerge, while retaining the flexibility and resilient coverage you need for maximum uptime.

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Mission Critical – Multi-IMSI network-switching technology offers maximum uptime

Flexible Data Packages

Flexible Data Packages – Per-SIM rates to cater to your usage requirements

Future Proof

Future-Proofed Resilience – Agnostic solutions give you the freedom to upgrade devices

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