Our data packages are designed for complete flexibility, so as a vendor or reseller of M2M consumer electronics you can be secure in the knowledge that your products are covered in over 185 countries on 600+ networks on one flat data rate for your package.

Our SIMs also operate on the same APN globally, to make rolling-out your product as smooth as possible. With our FreedoM-2-Manage platform you can easily manage your account and those of your users, for a fully integrated experience and complete control over your connected devices with instant alerts to your mobile device and in-depth analytics capabilities.

With Multi-IMSI technology, you can also update the networks on your package over-the-air (OTA), so there is no need to access or swap the SIMs or recall consumer devices that may be scattered around the world.

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Flat Data Rates

Flat data rates – Pay one flat data rate for your selected networks, wherever they are located

Future Proof

Future proof – Multi-IMSI technology enables you to update your SIM profiles OTA, without accessing your devices


Control – Our online platform gives you maximum control over your SIMs and when, where and how they connect

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