The F2M Mobile App enables total SIM control

Feb 3, 2017

The last quarter of 2016 saw the release of our mobile alerts app for iOS and Android, bringing the F2M management platform to mobile devices. This intelligent and versatile application gives the user instant, real-time governance over their SIM population anytime, anyplace.


F2M app interfaceIn brief, the app facilitates activating or suspending SIMs, setting limits and alerts, and performing troubleshooting actions such as purging the SIMs from the network to refresh the connection or sending a system SMS to reboot or reset the device. The application will also send alerts when predetermined limits are reached, and SIMs can be marked as favourites to facilitate monitoring of key devices on the go.

Bringing mobility to our management platform is the latest in a series of resourceful, value-adding solutions from Pod Group aiming to meet customers’ needs and upgrade their connectivity experience.

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