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Changing Business Models: Closer, Better, Faster, Stronger

At the end of 2017, there are very few aspects of our daily lives that have not become instant - instant meals (that actually taste nice), instant TV, instant transport, and even instant(ish) delivery of online shopping. Even fewer of us have stopped to...

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eUICC and the Automotive Industry: Fasten your Bootstraps

Whatever you have heard about connected cars, it probably seemed too good to be true. From galvanising the vehicle sharing culture, providing a new, transitional social sphere, or changing the structure of our cities, the average reader will most likely...

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Seville IoT Community Meet-up: Laying the Foundations

  Yesterday evening (Thursday the 9th of November) in chilly Seville, excited voices floated out from the open doors of Thinking Company introducing strange words like ‘LoRaWAN’, ‘Arduino’ and ‘IoT community’ to confused passers-by. This was the inaugural meeting of...

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Sustainable or Unstoppable? The IoT and the Environment

  Despite the anti-science sentiment popping up in certain corners of the world recently, it is almost universally accepted that the earth is round, and that it is getting warmer and less full of dead dinosaur juice by the day. To counter the impending energy crisis,...

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The New Natural Resource: Ownership in the Age of IoT

  From the bizarre story of Naruto the Macaque monkey and a problematic selfie to the Hulu privacy lawsuit from 2011, the issue of ownership is finally catching up to our unbridled consumption, transmission, and proliferation of data. The fact that we share our...

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