PodM2M Innovation

At PodM2M we are constantly striving to create new and innovative M2M/IoT technologies, and we pride ourselves on offering the latest and most cutting edge services available. Our dedicated Innovation department acts as a hub for the huge amount of research and development that over 50% of our staff work on full time.

From software developers to network engineers, our team is well equipped to add new and exciting solutions to the IoT communications sector, whether that be custom management software or an entirely new method of network connectivity.

Our No Single Point of Failure solution ‘FreeWay’ was awarded the EU innovation grant for development in 2015, and is revolutionary in the field, using our custom application to swap between multiple IMSIs on the same SIM card, providing permanent back-up and future-proofing of IoT connectivity.

Since then we have apportioned significantly more resources into creating ground-breaking solutions for our customers, and created our PodSolutions division to offer an exclusive tailored service to resolve complex connectivity issues. PodSolutions develops custom, versatile solutions centred on end-to-end management of connected devices, and works with our customers every step of the way to optimise their connectivity and minimise downtime.

As experts in building solutions involving connected devices, whether from an IoT, M2M, Enterprise or Service Provider perspective, PodSolutions can help you resolve complex and often unexpected technical issues, reducing your time to market. Our Software Solutions division works hand in hand with in-house systems integrators and developers to make sure we are consistently offering our customers a seamless link between their hardware and our connectivity solutions.

Our divisions have one objective; to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your connectivity needs. Being at the forefront of M2M innovation and providing tailor made solutions gives us the power to offer our customers the latest in IoT connectivity whilst maintaining our standard of excellence in service and support.

PodGroup Ltd. is based in Cambridge University ideaSpace, UK with offices in Seville, Spain and San Francisco, California in the USA. From these offices we serve customers worldwide and provide global coverage and support.