About Us

PodM2M gives you everything you need to push your IoT application forward: connectivity, security, management and billing, all under one roof.

Despite getting on in years, the Internet of Things is still a mess of incompatible standards, data bandits and stubborn regulators. For any company wanting to get in on the action, this landscape is confusing, and time-consuming. Our goal is to switch the focus of the IoT back to the people who built it – we listen to your ideas, and help you avoid all obstacles to get to market.

As you would expect, we provide 600+ networks in 185 countries, cellular and LPWAN connectivity via one platform, and end-to-end security for multi-network, multi-IMSI and eUICC solutions.
But that’s the easy part. What really makes us tick is bringing these technologies together to help our customers generate lasting revenue from the IoT.

Take a look at our track record, and see for yourself how Pod puts People before Things.

‘So what’s so great about Pod?’

Our in-house support team can solve any problem in 9 different languages, 24 hours a day

No IoT application is the same, so all our services are flexible and tailor-made

We’ve got you covered, with over 600 network agreements in 185+ countries, and flat regional pricing

Being an agnostic provider since 1999, we know which option will suit you best, and never play favourites

We handle connectivity, security and billing in-house, to get you to market ASAP

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