eUICC SIMs & Embedded SIM Technology

We keep on top of the latest technological advances so your application is always as flexible and scalable as possible.

Embedded SIM technology is the future of SIM cards, and the eUICC specification allows multiple profiles to be provisioned OTA (Over the Air) without removing the SIM from the field. Combined with Pod’s Multi-IMSI profile, you can achieve truly uninterrupted connectivity – with multiple profiles on the eUICC and a Multi-IMSI provisioned as the fallback ‘bootstrap’ profile, your device can instantly switch networks across profiles or within the bootstrap, for the ultimate in cost-effective resilience.

You benefit from:

  • The unbeatable combination of Pod’s robust connectivity and the latest in IoT SIM card technology, designed specifically for low data rates and to maximize uptime in the field.
  • The new multi-profile eUICC specification on any form factor, not just the embedded MFF2 factor, so you can benefit without having to upgrade.
  • Management of all SIMs including analytics and ‘factory testing’, regardless of network, via one centralized user-friendly platform.
  • 24/7 support for all SIMs via one support team comprised of M2M/IoT specialists with a deep understanding of the requirements of your application.

Unbeatable Combination of Pod’s multi-IMSI profile and eUICC keeps your devices connected

Customized rate plan according to your specific coverage requirements

Centralized management platform for all of your IoT SIM cards, no matter their network

Expert IoT Support in nine languages, 24/7

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