Case Studies

These case studies showcase our adaptable solutions in real world situations, in a variety of industries and operating conditions.

All our clients have specific connectivity needs, and here you can read about how our customized M2M solutions satisfy these requirements.
From mission-critical and long range applications, to global roaming on a personalized flat data plan, our clients stay with us for a reason.

Kali Care Case Study

PodM2M Case Study on Kali Care, a company that provides connected medication and advanced data analytics to the health ecosystem.

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TAHMO Case Study

A network of 20,000 IoT connected weather monitoring stations every 30 km across Africa accurately measure previously undocumented weather systems.

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ForaCare Case Study

ForaCare provide comprehensive glucose monitoring devices, alongside the TeleHealth platform, bringing doctors and patients together to easily manage care.

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Anytrek Case Study

Anytrek specialise in covert GPS tracking solutions for fleet managers who want to avoid trailer tampering and roam unrestricted across borders on a flat rate.

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Wyssen Avalanche Case Study

Wyssen’s industry leading Avalanche Control Towers help to reduce avalanche risk using mission-critical monitoring technology to detonate charges in the worst conditions.

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idrive Case Study

iDrive make comprehensive vehicle tracking and monitoring devices and software to give a complete insight into your fleet vehicles, wherever they are.

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Tracktherace Case Study

Tracktherace developed a comprehensive event tracking platform that gives unprecedented insight into all kinds of adventure sports no matter how remote.

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Flex-GPS Case Study

Flex-GPS provides a complete, end-to-end GPS tracking solution for fleet managers, from GPS devices to comprehensive control and monitoring software.

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Satelicar Case Study

Satelicar develop integral control solutions able to determine the exact position, state and condition of all types of assets, by means of satellite and cellular connectivity unrestricted by network control.

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MyFamily Mobile Case Study

MyFamily Mobile offers a range of voice & data messaging, smart locator and mobile personal emergency response services to families across the globe.

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CASWA Case Study

The Australian company CASWA creates software systems and hardware, specializing in the development of new technological solutions for engineering asset management.

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Local Motion Case Study

Local Motion provide a combination of keyless access, real-time fleet monitoring software, and web-based motor pooling to enhance vehicles from utility trucks to golf carts.

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If you would like to know more about how our M2M connectivity, management platforms or partner technologies can fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.