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Where in the World Has the Best Privacy Laws?

Social media sites know more about you than your closest friends. Your phone is tracking your every movement. The food delivery app on your mobile knows more about your diet than your doctor. Sometimes it feels as if the possibility of privacy is moving...

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Cat M1: Separating Fact From Fiction

Cat M1, also known as LTE Cat M1 or sometimes shortened to simply Cat M is different to Cat 1. Are you keeping up? Sometimes it feels as though there are more acronyms flying around than we can keep up with. It is important to stay up to date on...

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Smart vs Resilient Cities: Finding a Balance

Smart Cities Must Have Environmental Planning Built-In There has been a lot of talk recently about smart cities. People are intrigued by the possibilities a connected city can bring. At the same time we must focus on ensuring our cities are resilient. You...

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