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The New Natural Resource: Ownership in the Age of IoT

  From the bizarre story of Naruto the Macaque monkey and a problematic selfie to the Hulu privacy lawsuit from 2011, the issue of ownership is finally catching up to our unbridled consumption, transmission, and proliferation of data. The fact that we share our...

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eUICC – The Future for SIM Technology

Soft SIM, eSIM, embedded SIM, whichever name you want to use, it is certain that the recently standardized eUICC specification will change the way we look at M2M SIM cards forever, and disrupt the entire connectivity chain from manufacturer to service provider. But...

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The Next Industrial Revolution

  No, we don’t mean that woolen underpants are coming back into vogue, or that Elon Musk has discovered a way of making CO2 fuel cells, the next industrial revolution will not be a physical one, but will be by no means less dramatic than the advent of steam. Just...

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Pod: The M2M Solution to your Connectivity Problems

As a leading player in the M2M communications sector for over 15 years, here at Pod Group we understand the challenges faced by applications developers at every stage of production and marketing. Our team of experts in the field have first hand experience dealing with...

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6 Weird and Wonderful Uses of the IoT

The IoT is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives, and the list of things that we can’t connect to the internet is getting shorter every day. From automated pet food dispensers and programmable piggy banks to smart parking systems and remotely controlled...

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