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Smart vs resilient cities: finding a balance

Smart cities must have environmental planning built-in There has been a lot of talk recently about smart cities. People are intrigued by the possibilities a connected city can bring. At the same time we must focus on ensuring our cities are resilient. You...

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When Will We See 5G?

5G has been tantalizing us with vastly increased speeds, a lower latency rate and the bandwidth necessary to cope with mass uptake of the IoT for what seems like forever. So when will we finally see this leap forward in wireless network technology?...

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Are LTE technologies best for my business?

In the fast-paced world of IoT communications, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what’s new, what is no longer relevant, and just how far network technology has come. For a long time, 2G satisfied the desires of most early machine-to-machine...

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