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eUICC – The Future for SIM Technology

By combining embedded SIMs (also known as eSIMs) with eUICC software which allows multiple profiles to be provisioned on one SIM card, users are able to embed one SIM card and have access to multiple operators. This exciting technology will change the way we look at...

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Where in the World Has the Smartest Transport?

One of the smartest things a city can do to become more liveable and reduce its carbon footprint is to improve the accessibility and efficiency of transport. With the cost of sensors falling and the speed of connections increasing there’s so much that can...

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Edge Computing is Crucial for IIoT

Fog and edge computing will be key to the widespread and well-managed deployment of IoT. They both bring data processing closer to the edge of the network, where the data originates. For a breakdown on the differences between these two types of computing...

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