APAC Global M2M SIMs Cards

High-Performance Global M2M SIMs Cards Across the Whole Asia Pacific Region

With 20 years of experience providing connectivity for remote and mission-critical devices and coverage on all networks in the APAC region, Pod Group is the logical choice for any company that needs continuous, reliable coverage. Our multi-IMSI SIMs keep our customers’ devices connected.

As your devices move from region to region you’ll stay connected thanks to our multi-network SIMs which automatically swap networks if they lose signal. Our customers use our resilient, multi-IMSI data SIMs for mission-critical applications where continuous connectivity is essential.

With Pod you benefit from simple, fast, large-scale deployment with 24/7 support from IoT experts.

With Our Global M2M SIMs Cards You Get:

  • Reliable, robust connectivity on all networks in the Asia Pacific region
  • 24/7 support from our dedicated, multi-lingual team of IoT experts
  • Access to our revenue and connectivity management platform.

Do you need reliable, scalable connectivity in the APAC region? Get in touch.

  • Multi-network coverage
  • All APAC networks
  • OTA updates
  • Rapid, cost-effective VPN
  • Direct connect
  • Threat monitoring
  • Connectivity management
  • Network security
  • Hierarchical billing platform



  • 24/7 support
  • In-house experts
  • Instant advice and practical solutions

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