About Us

Pod Group aims to bring Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to the world, enhancing industry and everyday life alike for years to come.

Companies within Pod Group create groundbreaking ways to support the people building the IoT, centered on communications and data. We achieve this by working in close partnership with our customers, supporting them through development, getting to market, after-sales technical support, and personalizing every service we offer, including one-to-one account management from a specialist who is familiar with their application.

Pod Ecosystem

Our in-house team delivers exceptional customer service, using their combined experience to rapidly resolve issues and keep devices connected. Our focus is fixed on our customers, helping them to support their customers, and championing them in the creation and control of groundbreaking IoT applications. We give businesses the time and dedication they need to contribute the most efficient, cost-effective, and mutually beneficial solution to the Internet of Things.

Watch the Pod Innovation video below to see how we’ve been transforming M2M and empowering our customers since 1999.

Pod M2M flowPod Group is composed of PodM2M and Pod Solutions.

PodM2M is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) specializing in global data connectivity solutions for the M2M/IoT market. Our expertise, dedication to innovation, and comprehensive range of products and services help companies develop resilient, future-proof M2M/IoT solutions, generating innovative new revenue streams for IoT communications.

Pod Solutions provides customized solutions for enterprises and operators based on new technologies and connectivity methods, collaborating with industry leaders to build a strong and lucrative IoT landscape.

Benefits of working with PodM2M

The flexibility, control, support, and exceptional customer service that PodM2M offers allow our customers to get the best product to market quickly; an essential tool towards integrating your business fully with the unlimited IoT ecosystem.

Being at the forefront of M2M innovation since 1999 enables us to offer our customers the latest in fully customized IoT connectivity, while maintaining our standard of excellence in service and support accrued over the lifespan of M2M communications.

Our status as an agnostic MVNO puts us in a privileged position. We do not favor any one provider, manufacturer, or developer, allowing us the freedom to move in any channel of innovation and to provide maximum resilience on 600+ networks around the world.

This also means we can share the benefits of our global partnerships with our customers, and at a customized flat rate for your package, to achieve the best possible solution for all.

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